Rupert Neveから



Rupert Neve added his iconic transformers to the brand new Portico 5101 MIDI-Thru box.

The Portico 5101 now gives you the opportunity to benefit from Rupert Neve’s transformer in the MIDI signal path, so that your MIDI controllers and instruments will sound “fatter” than ever.

The box features a MIDI In and two MIDI Thru 5-pin DIN connectors. The price has not been announced.



MIDI信号をこれに通すと音がファットになる? へぇ~(ニヤニヤ) なになに? 発売は2014年4月1日? へぇ~(ニヤニヤ) ニーヴおじさん、いろいろカマしてくれますねぇ!